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Why Should I Get Tenant Insurance?

Tenant insurance policy

The tenant insurance is also known as the renter’s insurance, and the insurance coverage is served to those that attend a property.

You might be thinking that home insurance is all about protecting you against the loss or damage of the big stuff like your appliances and pipes in the physical structure of your building. Your landlord might have their insurance policy if you are renting to cover these kinds of items, but their insurance wouldn’t shield your personal belongings, including furniture, jewellery, equipment, entertainment, etc. Depending on the circumstances, the landlord’s insurance might not protect you if someone is injured in your house. The landlord insurance company could sue you to recover the cost of repairing or rebuilding the structure if you were found to be liable for the damages to the building. But when you choose tenant insurance from us, you can get the perfect financial protection in these cases. If you are looking for renters’ insurance in Toronto, you need to look no further, as Insurance Tiger has got your back.

The best tenant insurance Toronto generally includes the following

Contents insurance

It covers loss on damage to your property because of the insured risk. For example, ensuring the actual cash value gives you the perfect coverage for the market price of an item that you have sold right for it just got damaged while providing the replacement cost gives you the advocate coverage for the cost of replacing the item with a new one.

Personal liability insurance

It protects you from being liable and paying if someone is injured all the property is damaged.

Extra living expenses

It pays you for some of your living expenses, and you need to vacate your unit due to repairs or other insured risks like flood or fire.

What does the tenant insurance cover for the renters?

The tenant insurance generally covers your belongings against the typical risks like theft, fire loss, and others. It is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to protect your investment in personal property. The coverage applies to your belongings both in the home and temporarily away, like when you go on a vacation. Suppose your home becomes unlivable due to a covered loss. In that case, tenant insurance will cover any necessary and reasonable additional living expenses until you are in a condition to move back or you find another place to stay.

The coverage for personal liability might provide financial protection and must be sued for accidentally injuring someone or damaging someone else property. Liability protection is the best defence if you are named in a lawsuit or considered a person responsible for unintentional bodily injury or potential property damage.

Is it mandatory for all tenants to have insurance?

Even though it is not mandatory to have tenant insurance, if you are entered, it could help you cover expenses that come up accidentally unexpectedly from a covered loss. You might not realize how costly it might be to repair or replace the damaged items and how inexpensive it could be to have tenant insurance from us.

Factors affecting the cost of tenant insurance rates

The tenant insurance doesn’t come at a fixed rate, but premiums will differ for renters based on different factors, and it is not limited to the credit score and the amount of content coverage you require, from big-ticket items to less expensive belongings. You need to ensure your selected content limit is enough to cover all the belongings in the event of a total loss.

Furthermore, it also depends on the location of your house, the construction of the unit, and the deductible chosen. A higher deductible ideally leads to lower premiums, but you might end up paying more out of pocket e filing a claim. Or lower deductible ideally results in a higher premium, but you will pay less out of pocket while filing a claim. Finally, it would be best if you chose a deductible based on what you can afford to take out for unexpected repairs.

Tenant insurance offered by Insurance Tiger

We also offer different coverage options depending on your specific requirements. For example, if you are a student renting a house with other students, then you need particular tenant insurance for students to protect your textbooks like laptops and other belongings. No matter what your specific needs are and whether you are an existing tenant or you are just starting, we can help you with all the questions that you might have about tenant insurance.

Although tenant insurance might not be a very common one, it is still considered to be essential. You can get in touch with the professionals at Insurance Tiger to get the best insurance services available at competitive prices. You will also get the desired support that you would need.