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Importance Of Auto Insurance for A New Driver

Most people have vehicles today that make it easy for them to go from one location to another. Even though cars are pretty convenient, you cannot ignore the fact that driving can be dangerous. You might have years of driving experience and also obey all the traffic rules and regulations besides maintaining your car. Still, you need to know that you never know when another cyclist, driver, pedestrian, or even severe weather or natural event can cause an accident involving you and your loved ones. Therefore, you should connect with our experts at Insurance Tiger. Our auto insurance broker in Toronto can help you choose the best auto insurance. Provided you are a new or experienced driver, and we have your back.

Reasons why having car insurance is essential for new drivers

Obey the law

You cannot drive a car in Canada if you do not have auto insurance. Even though insurance payments might seem costly, the monetary penalty you need to pay for driving without insurance can end up in thousands of dollars. And there are some changes: you could face a suspension of your driving license and, at times, jurisdiction in jail, so why not connect with a car insurance broker in Toronto and get driver insurance.

Save later but pay-out

Having coverage protects your wallet from costly unexpected expenses if there is an event of a collision. A policy with liability coverage, collision coverage, or accident benefits can help you and your loved ones save a lot of money if an accident occurs. You can ask our experts to customize your policy to fit your current lifestyle. Ensure you are adequately informed and aware of all the auto insurance myths.

Protect yourself and your loved ones

Insurance has always got your back to protect you from scenarios that could end up in a situation where you have to pay for unexpected expenses. Insurance is essential because you will never know when you will share the road with unavoidable accidents, and some mishaps could happen. Unfortunately, you would be left in need of extended medical care. Your car insurer can help protect your assets from all the injury lawsuits made against you through the policy’s liability coverage. You can apply for car insurance and stay protected during unfortunate times.

Insurance goes way beyond just being there for collisions

People sometimes think they would not need car insurance if they were good drivers. But your car insurance is always there for more than just accidents. For example, what happens if the car is stolen, vandalized, or even destroyed in a fire. No one can even predict the future, and operating a motor vehicle without insurance is not illegal, but it can have a far-reaching impact on your life besides the life of others. Hence, insurance is essential, and you should not ignore that you need insurance for everything, including accidents.

Personalized policy features

Suppose you are stressed about getting a quotation that would not be catered to your needs. In that case, you need to remember that when you choose us, we will help you customize your car insurance with better features to ensure you have the coverage that suits you and your family. So, again, having a good relationship with us can help you make better decisions.

Some of the unique features of our insurance are as follows

Comprehensive coverage

It covers physical damage to your car, not due to any collision like theft or fire.

Loss of use coverage

We ensure that you get a reimbursement for alternative transportation if your vehicle is being repaired due to damage or theft.

Disappearing deductible

It means your deductible decreases every consecutive term you go without a claim until it disappears.

What does our car insurance cover?

Your insurance might cover all the drivers, passengers, and other people involved if you get into a car crash. In some provinces, injured passengers or other people involved in the accident who have their insurance policy must claim under this policy. Canadian provinces and territories required drivers to have mandatory coverage.

While paying into something you don’t regularly use, with time, you will feel that it is essential to have car insurance. Your premiums can vary from one policy to another. Shopping around and asking for quotes, and comparing prices before choosing any policy is essential.


Insurance Tiger is the one-stop destination when it comes to giving a strong commitment to providing insurance services and providing competitive products. The professionals here have been able to provide personalized insurance services available at affordable prices.

Connect with us today and own auto insurance. Our experts are always there to help in every way possible and answer all your queries 24*7.