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Tips to Maintain a Clean and Happy Home

To buy a house or to build it from scratch, having a dream home is on everyone’s life goals. When you buy a new house it is in an excellent state but with time its beauty fades away. It is necessary to take efforts from time to time and maintain your dream home. When you start living in the house and using every corner the premises start demanding regular maintenance and repairs to be in good shape. It is easy to resolve the problem when it is at the initial stage. If you do not follow a maintenance routine then a small problem can be transformed into a bigger one. That will take more time and money.

As our human body needs health check-ups and vitamins to keep our body healthy, our home also needs time to time repair and maintenance. With change in working style most of us are working in the comfort of our home and have sufficient time to clean and complete house related tasks. To maintain basic hygiene of the house and ensure that everything is working properly you need to check on certain aspects related to the house. Time to time maintenance will increase your house’s life and is more affordable. If you make a maintenance routine and follow it, it will reduce half of your problems.

Comprehensive Home Maintenance Checklist

You must be thinking there are several small and big things that you need to take care of when it comes to house maintenance, starting from house cleaning to big repairs. Don’t know how and where to start? Just go through the shared checklist and you are good to go. The list of measures that can help you save your house from outdoor hazards:

  1. Regular cleaning of downspouts and sewage. Checking regularly will ensure that there are no clogs in the line and it will allow free flow of water. The risk of any type of blockage or back flow of water will be low. This ensures that your house is not damaged because of water clogging.
  2. Regular check-up of roof and chimney will ensure that there is no big damage. If there is any type of damage that needs to be repaired then you must take necessary action as soon as possible.
  3. Check whether smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly or not. These detectors must be checked every 3 months to ensure you and your family’s safety against any fire, carbon monoxide or smoke related mis-happening.
  4. Clean all windows properly and take out screens and wash them properly. Check for any damage and replace screens if necessary.
  5. Do you know that built-up lint can result in fire? Make sure to remove lint from your dryer by vacuuming it properly.
  6. Check and replace filters used in the furnace once every month. This will increase efficiency of your furnace and improve air quality inside the home.
  7. You must check the working condition of fire extinguishers every month.
  8. For ensuring safety against electric shocks it is important to check Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) if they are working properly or not. To check you have to follow a simple procedure. Plug-in a lamp and press the test button, press reset button after that. Check if doing so puts lights off and on or not.
  9. Filters in the furnace must be changed regularly if you want them to work efficiently.
  10. Check thoroughly if doors or windows of the house have any small or big leaks. Use caulking to cover the gaps if present.
  11. If there are trees surrounding your house, check if any of the branches are close or interfering with the power lines.  If yes, then contact a tree service and get them trimmed.
  12. The ground surrounding the house foundation can cause damage to your house if it is not proper. Check and if required make sure to re-grade it. Other-wise it can cause water damage because it will not divert water overflow away from the foundation.
  13. If you have a garden make sure all the plants are maintained and trimmed properly and your garden does not look messy and dead.

Points to Consider

Apart from cleaning goals, you also have to make it realistic. Keep in mind:

  • Make a realistic cleaning strategy.
  • It is not necessary that you do everything by yourself.
  • Not to overload yourself with work.
  • Make a workable schedule keeping in mind your other priorities.
  • List out things that need your immediate attention. Prioritize accordingly.
  • Try to use cleaning equipment or solutions that are easily available at your home.
  • Make it more budget friendly.

Your home also needs your attention. Prioritize home tasks to have a happy and safe home.